Tablet mounting details.  (cockpit and berth mounts)
Berth mount provides charging station and storage inside the boat.  A 2" ball mount was all the extra hardware required. (see below)

See components list below:

Below are part numbers and prices as of February 1, 2006 from . I have found their prices to be excellent for RAM Mount Components.  There are two 202-U balls listed, one mounts on the back of the 234-3, the other is used on the wall below decks for storage of the computer.

Item Remove Qty. Price(USD) Total
RAM Mount Double Stainless Steel U-Bolt Aluminum Base for 0.75'' to 1.25'' with 1.5'' Ball
P/N: RAM-235U
GPS City SKU: RAM235
$32.95  $32.95 
RAM Mount Aluminum 1.5'' Ball 4.63'' Double Socket Standard Size Arm
P/N: RAM-201U
GPS City SKU: RAM201
$19.95  $19.95 
RAM Mount Plastic LapTop Computer Tough Tray with Side Clamps
P/N: RAM-234-3
GPS City SKU: RAM234-3
$37.95  $37.95 
RAM Mount Aluminum 2.5'' dia Base with 1.5'' Ball
P/N: RAM-202U
GPS City SKU: RAM202
$9.95  $19.90 

updated 2/1/06

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