Details regarding Power Cable for xplore tablet in cockpit:


The connector used to provide power to the Xplore tablet, (5.5MM OD x 1.7mm ID) is extraordinarily hard to find.  My solution was to marinize  the last 18 of wire, with connector and choke in place, from the 120VAC power supply provided with the Xplore tablet.  A male Switchcraft EN3 watertight connector (EN3C3M16) was placed at the end of this pigtail.  An inline EN3 female connector (EN3L3F16) with a protective cap (EN3CAP) was mounted at the end of a shielded 18 gauge wire at the steering pedestal.  An additional panel-mount EN3 receptacle (EN3P3F16) inside the cabin provides a charging point when the unit is stored inside the boat.  The EN3 connectors are used for SeaTalk connectors, so choosing the 16 gauge pin units will keep one from accidentally confusing the connectors.   The power supplies for my laptop and tablet live on the same circuit breaker.  I drilled a tightly fitted hole in the connections cover of the Xplore tablet for the power connection (not IP67 tested, but tight...)


Source for connectors: