Regina Oceani Interior

Main Salon, before...

Main Salon, after... (Before new head-liner, but after new upholstery and lights, new port lenses and latches, new fans, removed curtains,
New Galley Drawers:

New Headliner: (October 2005) (note the "It's Good To Be A QUEEN" pillow for REGINA Oceani)
V-berth, before...

V-berth, After.... (new  upholstery, ash battens on walls, new port lenses and latches.
Forward Companionway (a Pearson 424 unique feature)

Aft Berth (new upholstery, ash battens on wall, added fans
Nav Station (before rework)(See some of the improvements on the wiring pages)

(before Weatherfax, Navtex, and printer were removed).
New Panel:  Cell Phone on left (see February 2006 Blue Water Sailing, pg 70). #2 HAM radio (for voice communications) on lower right.  It's tuner above and signal/SWR meter to the right.  To the left of the  #2 HAM radio is an edgeport USB to  8 port RS-232 adapter for GPS, Pactor modem, etc.  Pactor modem is to left of that .  USB hard  disk drive above pactor modem for laptop  backups.  Stereo (lower right)  has adapter to connect to both  10 CD changer and  to  laptop.  Top right is  custom alarm system (self-designed), a concept prototype for  future products you  will see on the market  in the future.  Depth/speed repeater to left  of that.  All lights are  on the upper right breaker panel,.  All pumps  and the like on the lower right  breaker panel.  Switches in next column to left  select various computer related power supplies.  Column of breakers below that  is for instruments, autopilots (primary and backup), VHF radios (primary  and  backup), etc.  Rotary switches select  ship (inverter) or shore 120V power  and  select for  US or European  shore power  (step-down transformer  takes  European power down to 120VAC).  Not shown: ICOM M710 SSb radio (primary for  email) and Navtex  weatherfax/navtex blackbox receiver.

Aft Bulkhead to right of nav station. C.A.R.D. at top.  Beige box allows VHF handset to select between primary and standby radios.  Link 2000 (found at great price) monitors batteries and controls inverter/charger.  Silver box is just an everyready AA/AAA battery charger.  To the right of that is a man overboard alarm receiver (also found at a great price).  Active VHF radio handset is vertical next to key.  Storage for cockpit VHF handset is horizontal over battery charger.  Cradle holds portable cell phone.  Handheld VHF radio in charger base to the right of that.  Between the two are two cigarette lighter type outlets for the cell phone and VHF chargers.
Galley (New AspenGlow light, port lenses, and fixtures, refinished cabinet tops, smaller microwave, larger  storage cabinet, sea water and fresh water foot pumps, soap dispenser).
New Shower Controls: (October 2005)

New Locker on outboard wall of shower (lots of space in there...)
New plumbing for tanks to pumps (under galley sink.  Easy access by removing the new lower drawer) (Valves to the rear of photo, L to R: winterizing inlet, electric pressure pump, foot pump)(Oct 2005)

This is the layout shown in the original  manufacturer's brochure.  Our's has many options not  shown here, but this diagram will helps one visualize the layout.

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updated 10/26/2005